For 15 years, the author was a successful evangelical preacher. He pioneered 2 churches and in the years prior to leaving his faith was the Associate Pastor of a 2,500+ member Pentecostal / Charismatic church. During these ministry years, he traveled and preached extensively both nationally and internationally at some of the most well known churches in the world.

Pastors like Kenneth Hagin Jr, Brian Houston, Rodney Howard-Browne, Ray McCauley, Bob Nichols, Phil Pringle, Joseph Prince and many others,were considered close friends. He speaks with authority and knowledge having been involved at the highest levels of church life.

All those years I thought I was doing the right thing. I preached the good news of Jesus Christ and saw thousands of people “saved” during this time. After 15 years of ministry, I started to question the foundation of the beliefs I had held so firmly since childhood. I began to see the truth. The real truthMy journey from Faith to Apostasy, took ten years of soul-searching, research and more soul-searching, until I finally came to a startling conclusion;there is no personal God. – Ex Preacher

Through his books, blog and facebook page “I was an evangelical preacher,” he now preaches a different gospel.

A message of LIFE without God.

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Ex Preacher
Author, blogger

For 15 years he was an Evangelical Preacher, Pastor, Teacher and Author. Now an atheist, he preaches a new message. A message filled with reason and hope for those who were once blinded by the myths of Christianity.